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Gulf Bay Management and Realty, Inc. is a family owned and operated real estate brokerage started by my parents Frank and Sandra Romano. Sandra was a school teacher and Frank a fireman for the City of Tampa when they opened the doors at 9815 Gulf Blvd back in 1976. Gulf Bay Management & Realty was the first real estate office to open in Treasure Island. Holding full time jobs and trying to start a business was very demanding. They both loved the beach so we moved from Tampa, FL to Treasure Island in the mid 1970’s. Soon they began purchasing, rehabbing and selling property in Treasure Island. Often, my sister Lori and I helped with little things like cleaning and checking in guests for rental properties during the winter season.

My father was the broker for many years and built up the business with a lot of help and encouragement from family and friends. In 1984 I received my real estate license and worked hard alongside my parents; our little business prospered as we developed meaningful, lasting relationships. My father would often joke that either my mother or I should get a broker’s license in case something happened to him. In 1998, we lost our beloved Frank Romano to prostate cancer. He was so very loved by everyone and always took the time to help people in need. His legacy; how he dealt with people, his kindness and patience are the spirit that drives our business today. In 1998 I received my Brokers License in order to honor the business my parents worked so hard to build and I had a great passion for.
Today our office is still at 9815 Gulf Blvd, where everything started back in 1976. The office is actually the house we all lived in before Mom and Dad opened the business. We live in Treasure Island, 5 minutes from the office, and my husband Alan and sister Lori are among the realtors in our office. We have a 13 year old son Frank (named after my Dad, Frank Romano) who attends school just minutes from our home and office. We spend our time locally in and around the waters of our beautiful area and visiting neighborhood restaurants and businesses. Many days during the week we eat what we catch, fresh from the Gulf of Mexico or inland waters! All of this means our knowledge of the market is second to none.

Over the years we have helped hundreds of buyers and sellers achieve their real estate dreams, including friends and family of the folks that my mother and father worked with years ago when I was a child. One of the most beautiful aspects of these long standing relationships is that someone always has a good story about my mother and father to share with me. Yes, this business is very competitive, and so are we. We work very hard to represent the best interests of our clients. I have learned over all these years that our business was built on hard work, keeping our word, lending a helping hand and placing the highest value on every single person we encounter. That is the foundation our business was built on and it continues today.


Lisa Romano-Martinez

Gulf Bay Management and Realty, Inc.

Gulf Bay Management & Realty established by Frank Romano
Lisa Romano becomes broker/owner of Gulf Bay Management & Realty
45 years marks a new look

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